This document only provides a summary of the key features of the insurance. You will find all the terms and conditions in the policy conditions.

What is this type of insurance?

This insurance provides cover for damage to equipment and materials you need for normal operation on your nursery and stock.

Extra information

This cover does not include equipment and materials that are a fixed part of the building.

What is insured?

All equipment and materials you need for normal operation on your nursery and stock at the risk address mentioned on the policy.

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There are some exclusions which you can read in our document with terms and conditions.

Inventory and stock

Inventory is indemnified on day value or by choice on new value. Stock is indemnified on market value.

Salvation costs

Salvation costs are covered.

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There is a limit to the amount.

Choice: Hail, burglary, theft and precipitation

Besides Fire and Storm you can choose to cover damage as a result of hail, burglary, theft and precipitation.

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Water damage by precipitation coming in through open doors or windows is not covered.

Vehicles can be insured under inventory only for fire and theft.

Costs of expertise

You have the right to consult your own expert in case of a claim. Your expert will deal with our expert to settle the claim. The costs for this expert are part of the claim, but have a refund limit which is explained in our terms and conditions.

What is not insured?

  • We will not pay for deliberate or illegal acts of damage, earthquake, and flooding.

Damage caused by software

Damage to computers or data caused by malfunctioning software is not covered.

Cooling damage

Damage in coldstores as a result of a non functioning of the cooling equipment is not covered.

Extra information

Unless the non functioning is covered by an insured event like fire.

Parts not seen as inventory

Money, valuable papers, vehicles, caravans, boats or plants are not seen as inventory.

Extra information

Plants can be insured as stock. This is explained in our conditions.

Are there any restrictions on cover?


A deductible means that you pay the first part of any claim. Different deductibles may apply under different circumstances. The amount of the deductible or deductibles is the amount shown on your certificate of insurance.

Things we agreed upon

You must act according the things we agreed like prevention and security.

Building not used

If the building is not used there are limitations on cover. This is explained in our conditions.

Where am I covered?

The insurance is valid for your equipment and materials you need for normal operation on your nursery and stock located on the risk address that is mentioned on your policy.

What are my obligations?

You have to answer our questions honestly when applying for our insurance. You have to inform us about changes. You have to report a damage asap after you recognized it. You have to act as much as possible to prevent a damage from happening and to limit the damage after it occurred.

When and how do I pay?

You can choose to pay the premium per year or per quarter. You transfer the payment yourself.

When does the cover start and end?

The insurance starts on the date mentioned on the policy. You have to pay the premium as agreed upon, otherwise we have the right to cancel the insurance.

How do I cancel the contract?

After the first year, you can cancel the contract of your insurance at any time by contacting us [by phone] [by e-mail].

Extra information

You can cancel your contract per year. You can let us know in writing at least 3 months before renewal date.